The Confessions of Saint Augustine

The Confessions of Saint Augustine


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Title: The Confessions of Saint Augustine

Author : Translated by E.M. Blaiklock, Forword by Maggi Dawn

“You made us for Yourself, and our heart is restless until it find rest in You.”

Description: Augustine of Hippo was a towering figure in his own time, and remains one of the greatest of the fathers of the Church.  His Confessions are an autobiographical work, recalling crucial events in his life: his mid-fourth century boyhood in rural Algeria, the rise to a lavish lifestyle at the imperial court in Milan, his struggle with sexual desires and his conversion to Christianity.  Widely seen as one of the first autobiographies to have been written in the West, Augustine Confessions are classic writing that have shaped Christian thinking ever since.

The majority of the book is Augustine’s meditations on the meaning of events. “His stories serve as hooks on which he hangs his big ideas, so that his journey from first rejecting to eventually embracing the Christian faith acts as a structure for him to teach his readers what it means to remember, to be human, to fail, and eventually make peace with themselves and with God.”  Maggie Dawn

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